About the job

You will execute trades based on orders and pricing requests received from clients and will actively contribute to the development of profitable client relationships, as well as to the FX Desk’s smooth running and efficient administration.

You will deal with a substantial volume of trading orders day-to-day and will ensure trades are executed in a compliant and risk-controlled manner. You will manage trades from inception to execution and will monitor the market for news, potential disruptions and opportunities. You will conduct pre-trade analysis and trade verifications; conduct pre-trade analysis and trade verifications; and ensure accurate updates, communication and proper execution of client orders. You will also ensure all outstanding orders are re-capped and passed to the next shift.

You will establish compliance with regulations and execution policies, and will learn and stay up-to-date with local trading regulations and best execution policies. You will ensure trading procedures are governed within set trading limits and ensure that the trades executed comply with organisation’s execution policies and local trading regulations including the Financial Risk Limits imposed by the organisation.

You will develop and manage profitable client relationships by providing a professional and consistent level of service and support to all clients. You will develop a profitable and consistent business unit in order to achieve targets set by management and will respond swiftly to client requests and quote competitive prices when required.

You will contribute to the FX Desk’s smooth running and efficient administration by ensuring a seamless transition of the pro-active client servicing between Night/ Day shifts. You will achieve the budget set for the shift and will report P/L, positions and activities pertaining to the shift on a daily basis. You will perform daily reconciliation of both P/L & positions with the Risk Management Department and will report on customer activities on a daily basis. You will take over HO orders and will be responsive when HO needs to place new or modify existing orders.

You will develop and maintain inter-bank liquidity relationships by developing liquidity that is pertaining to NY shift. You will develop and maintain inter-bank relationships so that the bank is equipped with the best liquidity avenues to meet its service requirements, as well as identify good counterparties to help to watch client orders over weekends and provide the bank with good pricing and liquidity when needed.

  • At least 7 years of relevant experience with a bank
  • Hardworking and possess deep knowledge of FX products and has good experience in the various trading and risk management strategies
  • Meticulous in executing orders accurately
  • Resilient and clear-headed in a fast-paced work environment
  • Sensitive to the risk code of conduct and regulatory related responsibilities


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