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We believe strongly in establishing close partnerships with every
client we work with.

Rather than a supplier-vendor relationship, our clients see us as an extension of their in-house resourcing team. Our depth and breadth of recruitment and market experience allow us to be a trusted advisor to our clients who look to us for key news and information on people moves and current employment practices.

We provide our clients with our resources to Search, Screen and Shortlist potential candidates and go on to prepare every single candidate for a job interview, and subsequently negotiate and firm up on the job offer and acceptance.

Building close partnerships with our clients means we take it upon ourselves to understand our client's business inside out. We conduct research on their business strategy, the key markets they serve and issues they face, and ask questions like:

  • How does our client compare with peers in the industry?
  • What is the client's strategy in growing the business and attracting talent?
  • What are the key markets they operate and how do they affect their operations here?
  • What are some of the recent developments, in terms of key people moves and recruitment plans?
  • What are their core values and what personality traits would do well in their organization?

In addition, we maintain a concise database of key line managers in the financial industry and continually update the information so that our consultants and candidates are kept abreast of the latest profiles of potential interviewers. We do this because we believe strongly that the best interview meeting can only happen with sufficient preparation.

For our candidates, this significantly increase their chance of getting the job offer and for our clients, they appreciate the time spent with a well-prepared interviewee who has also left a positive impression on them.

WMRC consistently distinguishes ourselves by the quality of our service and the professional capability of our consultants. By partnering with us, our clients are assured of an efficient search and a high success rate.