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Employer Branding

Companies are defined by the people they hire.

People are arguably the most productive asset a company can mobilize and in the presence of competition, it is imperative for companies to hire the best talent if they want to win.

To hire the best talent means a company needs to propagate the message of it being an Employer of Choice. It will need to mobilize the various touch-points of engagement with potential talents and articulate its value propositions.

At WMRC, we are partners with our clients in their quest to being an Employer of Choice. Often a key point of contact with a potential employee, we assume the role of a Brand Ambassador to attract and engage with a professional talent on a career opportunity with our client.

We constantly analyze with potential candidates on the positioning of our client vis-à-vis other players in the market and present hard and soft facts and opinions on areas relating to market leadership, business strategy, market coverage, products and services, hierarchical structure, team structure and reporting lines, member personalities and idiosyncrasies, work culture, remuneration structure, work-life balance, and career/ promotion prospects, etc.

In the course of our role as Brand Ambassador for our clients, we typically address concerns, misconceptions and queries relating to their organization apart from the propagandistic angle we take.

Perceptions of companies are usually formed through social media, news, lunchtime chats and personal experience or a friend's account of his/ her experience with the firm. Our job is to provide an objective view of an incident or perception and weigh in with a larger perspective in which the firm operates. We also seek to furnish as much objective facts and evidence as possible to sometimes eradicate misleading notions or rumors about our client.